Sheila Lazarus PhD - Certified Palm Beach County MediatorDr. Sheila’s Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Sheila Lazarus’ seminars are unlike any other. Participate in seminars and
interactive workshops custom tailored to your personal and professional needs in
an environment where learning is simple and enjoyable.

Dr. Sheila focuses on creating motivational, innovative, funny, engaging and
enlightening seminars and workshops, where audience participation is encouraged.
Seminars are also available for businesses to improve profitability, productivity,
morale and absenteeism.


"A must attend! Went to Dr. Sheila’s workshop. It was enlightening and very entertaining. The whole audience participated in the seminar and we all loved her. My friends and I are looking forward to attending more of her workshops. You will never fall asleep at her workshop; she is so interesting!"
Irene Silver

"I highly recommend attending Dr. Sheila’s workshops. They are unlike any others that I have been to. She even gives us goodies at the end to remind us of what we learned. What a great lady, so smart and very, very funny. Feel as though she has been my friend for years. Can’t wait for her next workshop and my friends and I don’t even care about what the topic will be. We just want to go!"
Pamela Brosniak

"Dr. Sheila’s workshops are inspirational, fun, hands-on and empowering. One will leave with insight, as well as effective tools and coping skills to enhance everyday living. Her workshops will allow you to find healthier ways and healthier patterns to replace the learned behaviors, unhealthy patterns and beliefs that are bestowed upon us, unconsciously, as children."
Beatrice Renzo

"Dr. Sheila is bright, entertaining and a powerhouse of knowledge! Learned a lot in a short period of time. Lots of fun, signed up for more of her workshops. Also recommended her to the Men’s Club where I live and they hired her. Great choice!"
Anita Klein